Skylight Installation


Are you looking to provide additional light, ventilation, or a new feature to your home? As a certified installer for Velux, we specialize in providing a complete A-Z installation process to meet your needs. We also offer repair and maintenance options to help resolve leak issues with your existing skylights.

Our team offers a variety of service options throughout the Velux skylight range and can install units on most roofing profiles. We take into consideration all the necessary components when installing a new skylight or replacing an old one, including the building work required for framing and bracing, custom designed flashings, and supplying power to the skylight unit. We also take care of gibbing, plastering, painting, and other finishing touches.

If you're interested in learning more about our process or want to inquire about our services, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We're here to provide you with the best possible solutions for your home.

Skylight Installation: A Professional Overview

Installing a skylight involves a series of essential steps:

Scaffolding: Depending on the skylight's location, internal or external scaffolding may be required to ensure a safe work environment for installers and to reach the desired height.

Building: A qualified builder is required to cut into the ceiling and frame the internal roof cavity, creating a light tunnel. This may involve constructing a timber frame or strengthening the substrate to support the skylight.

Roofer: There are multiple styles of skylights, each with their own unique style of waterproofing. A licensed and qualified roofer should always be used to install any skylight unit and consider the surrounding roof area.

Interior Work: Once the builder has completed positioning the skylight with the roofer, the interior gib can now be installed. The skylight interior is now ready for the cosmetic detail.

Plastering: A plasterer typically requires two to three visits to apply and sand his plaster product, creating a smooth surface ready for painting.

Painting: A painter completes the cosmetic finish of the skylight and surrounding area.

Electrical (if required): An electrician may be needed to relocate existing light fixtures or install power points for electric skylight models.

Summary: The extent of work may vary based on factors such as the type of skylight unit, the presence of a pre-existing skylight, accessibility, the number of trades required, desired aesthetics and flexibility of the client.

Cost Estimate:

The cost of skylight installations varies however, based on one unit installed here is a generalised cost involved per unit (Price lessons the more units simultaneously installed) :

  • Scaffolding $1000-$1800+gst
  • Builder $800-$1800+gst
  • Roofer/Skylight installer $800-$1600+gst
  • Electrician $500
  • Materials (building/roofing) $1200+gst
  • Skylight unit (Fixed, Manual opening, Electric opening) $600-$2800+gst
  • Plasterer $800+gst
  • Painter $600+gst

The average cost of most skylights range from between $6500+GST to $10,000+GST.

This should be used for an estimate basis only to get a gauge on what to expect. Each job is unique and subject to its own pricing based on owner and site specific requirements.

For a precise estimate, consult with one of our professional and friendly team!

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"We had been having leak issues for a while with our commercial property. In the past we have used No Cowboys and came up with 2 previous roofers who "completed" the job but for various reasons the roof re-leakes after several months or ot was difficult to lease with them to get the job done. Mitch was the only one who asked me to come see him on-site to address the issues and to give an honest opinion on what was the best option for the roof over the next 5years. Although he said it was a busy time over the next several months he did manage to repair the roof within 2 weeks of meeting which was fantastic! If you looking for a roofer who actually makes time in their schedule for you and gives you options rather than an invoice then he's your guy."



"Our 40+ year old roof was on its last legs and we'd been putting off replacing it not only because of the cost but the difficulty in finding someone reliable and trustworthy. After reaching out to our Property Manager who highly recommended Mitch and his Crew I gave him a call. I was blown-away by his prompt response (after already waiting a week+ for a response from another roofing company). Although he was already very busy, he found a way to make time to meet with me to discuss our options. He made the whole process so easy, we decided on material, colour and dates in less than half an hour. His efficiency also showed through in the quick turn around from ordering the material and getting it on site, getting the scaffolding up to replacing the roof in a matter of days. Our property looks great, and it was such a relief to have a stress free experience on such a major project for us! Thank you Impact Roofing Solutions, I couldn't recommend you highly enough!"



"Mitch and the team carried out repairs to the roof of St. Marys Church in Glen Innes . The work was carried out to a high standard and Mitch gave us good advice on how we should prepare the roof for painting. The team worked quickly and did a great job at a very competitive price. They kept in communication with the Church Property Manager and let him know when they would be on site and how long it would take. They responded promptly when a gutter was recently damaged by a truck and did a very tidy repair job. Mitch is always recommending the best way to handle a roofing issue and he is excellent in explaining the best and cheapest long term solution. It is a pleasure to use Impact Roofing and we highly recommend them."



"Mitch and his team were a dream to work with. So reliable, respectful, polite and steadfast in their work. I highly recommend them and will use them again if need be. They responded to my enquiries about leaking water in the hall and kitchen and took quick action to fix these issues. One being a major replacement job. The issue was at my Mother's house, and as she was not well I needed it done quickly and efficiently, to minimise stress. I am grateful to this wonderful team and the work they have done for me."