Community Involvement

Our Connections

Side associations we are involved with in the community:

  • NZ Blood Service
  • Auckland Rugby Referee Association

We are extremely grateful to live in such a beautiful country like New Zealand / Aotearoa and all the wonders it provides.
We have been very fortunate to learn great skills and employ great people which has all aided towards the success of our business.
As part of our company values, we strongly feel it is part of our responsibility to return back some of that privilege by helping out in our community.

The NZ Blood Service

Every day there are thousands of kiwis lives who rely on donors for Blood and Plasma products to survive.
Becoming a donor hero helps touch the lives of kiwis all over New Zealand.
Here at Impact we donate Blood and Plasma as often as we can to help those in need.

Auckland Rugby Referees Association

When people think of New Zealand they think All Blacks!
New Zealanders love their rugby and so do we!

We love to play the game however now that we are getting older and climbing on roofs we can’t take a tackle like we used too! So, we have turned to getting involved in a new way, Reefing!
Without good referees on the filed every Saturday morning we can’t get future ALL Blacks!

Getting involved with ARRA allows us to help ref games for local schools/clubs and is a great way to ensure players, supporters, coaches can get down to support their local teams.